Join us for interactive, engaging and in-person workshops on Sunday, November 19 (the day before the symposium begins) at the Westin Bayshore in Vancouver.

Registration for the conference is NOT required for the workshops.

A certificate of participation with PD hours will be granted following the completion of the courses.


Garth Kirkham

NI 43-101 & Project Development

Sunday, November 19 | 08:00 to 16:00 | $495
(Includes 2 coffee breaks + lunch)

Garth Kirkham

A full-day introduction and practical application of NI 43-101. This course has been specifically prepared to introduce mining industry executives, finance & legal professionals and other management professionals to the requirements of National Instrument NI 43-101.

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Construction Estimating for Non-estimators

Sunday, November 19 | 08:00 to 16:00 | $495
(Includes 2 coffee breaks + lunch)

Troy Dunow

This short course will provide project team members with a view of the standard activities required for preparing estimates during various project development stages. It is not a detailed course for the professional cost estimator, but a guide for the preparation and review of project-specific estimates.

This course describes many factors that are incorporated into the cost estimate and describes the way in which estimates are developed. In addition, the course will explain a standard accuracy guide for each stage. It also includes guidelines for estimate reviews to ensure that estimates meet the required validity and accuracy level for the project stage being considered.

The primary topics to be covered in the course are:

· What is an estimate and why do we use them?

· Estimate types and accuracy

· Estimating process

· Direct and indirect costs

· Allowances

· Risks and contingency

· Escalation and inflation

· Estimate considerations

Reviewing the estimate
Participants will develop a small estimate using the principles discussed in the course. They will be provided with an MS Excel template and a standard guidance document for estimating. The course will be based off AACEi Recommended Practices.

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