Media Kits and Resources

Welcome to the media kits and presenter resources center for the Capital Projects (CPS) Symposium! 

Please click on the buttons below to access marketing assets or resources based on your role at CPS 2023. 

Thank you for participating in and spreading the word about the Symposium!


We hope that you’ll use the customizable media assets located in the media kits above to share your experience at CPS 2023. 


Here are some ways you can share your message:

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  1.  Share your participation via your personal Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. Whether you are a recurring presenter or this is your first time attending, we are grateful to have you join us this year.
  1. Share the news with your colleagues who run your organization’s official social media channels. We are proud to show our community your participation – let your community convey their support too.
  1. Join our CIM LinkedIn Group to help create additional discussion before the Symposium and beyond about topics of interest with like-minded people.
  1. Personalize your email signature. Add an image or short message to your default email signature to let your colleagues know you will be attending CPS 2023.
  1. Remember to tag CIM and use #CPS2023 on all social media posts.


If you have any questions about this media kit, please reach out to Guylaine Richard